November Brocante

A super huge success at our new lovely Venue. There were so many treasures to find and so many lovely people… looking back at our November marketplace….

Thanks for visiting us and we hope to se you at our next event.

We are moving….

We are delighted to announce that we have found a new venue of our dreams for our next event. We had definitely outgrown the village hall as it was becoming so busy and crowded. It was difficult to move around and get close all the gorgeous stuff as there are so many lovely people who visit us.

Our new venue is at O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard only a 9 minute drive from the centre of town to the outskirts of the town of Canungra. From there you will pass through lovely rolling hills and acreage properties. Scenic rim country at its best!

It’s a very special place where special things happen. Stunning weddings and local events. Families and couples celebrate with a specially booked gourmet  picnic baskets or  a BBQ down by the creekside.

The rambling old historic vintage homestead is a huge part of the picturesque setting. Killowen was built in Warwick in 1858 and moved to its current site in 1989…  and do you know what? It looks like it has been there forever.   It is the home of the restaurant which is open for lunch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then there are the grapevines and the wine tasting…need I say more? Check it out here

Next Brocante is on SUNDAY 18th November 9am-2pm Free Entry.

Winter Brocante June 2018

I always sit in the quiet after everyone has set up their beautifully styled spaces in the hall and just stare.  As I begin to lock up I take a moment to think how it always amazes me how absolutely amazing our exhibitors are. What they do…. What they collect…. What they make…. What they grow…. So grateful to know these awesome hardworking  lovely people.

Their friendly personalities make such a difference to a customer shopping experience. which adds to the unique ambience we offer.

We go from this bare but beautiful old 1950s hall…

Then over a couple of hours of chatter, heaving and lifting, placing and putting we have beautifully styled and inspirational spaces like this…

…. and this…

and this….

Don’t forget to save the date for the next one… the Summer Brocante Sunday 18th November… just in time for Christmas.

Patches of Steel

You will meet Glenda and Joci at our next Brocante, sharing their passion of recreating unwanted tapestries into stunning pieces of handmade beauties. This is where it all began for these close friends…

‘We first met quite a few years ago through mutual friends and we soon discovered that we had similar tastes and a love for vintage items. We started op shopping together, going to markets and antique shows and picking up some great items along the way. Amongst our treasures we began collecting tapestries to make cushions for our homes.


Joci was about to embark on a trip to NZ and was inspired to create a travel bag  and just like that Patches of Steel was born.

We are both now making travel bags, market bags, handbags and cushions and we send them all over the world. So exciting.

With the help of our husbands we also cover furniture. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and new styles….no tapestry is safe from us!! Even the straps for our bags are repurposed leather belts. We enjoy our creating our unique pieces made with lots of love and we hope others love them too.’

These two ladies are very passionate about, up-cycling and re-cycling. All of their creations are are made by reworking items that others have discarded or have been lost and forgotten.

Come and say hello at the Brocante on Sunday 19th November. Canungra school of Arts Hall, CANUNGRA.




Kokedama by Jac


Introducing Jacqui who brings with her an amazing passion for her craft, which is very evident when you meet her. She has been an amazing supporter of the Brocante and has been exhibiting with us from day one.

Here is a a little insight into Jacqui and why she loves to get her hands dirty….



By day I work in administration and in my spare time its all about Kokedama. I stumbled across Kokedama through social media a couple of years ago and it was love at first sight.

At that time I started making Kokedamas for myself plus friends, family and work colleagues. I then lunched my own social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) and my backyard hobby made its official debut. Interest grew quickly and before I knew it I was making custom orders, selling at markets and running workshops.


Kokedama was, and still is my ‘therapy’ where I can escape the daily grind of sitting at a desk, by getting outdoors, getting my hands dirty and playing and creating something beautiful. I love talking about what I do and teaching the art of  making them. I love connecting with others through  a mutual  interest in plants, craft and beautiful things.


I am a Gold Coast local and lovingly hand craft each individual creation. In Japanese Kokedama translates  to ‘mossball’ by placing a plant into a soil ball, covering it in moss and securing it with twine. All plants are real, are living and thrive with this technique.


I have tried and tested various plant varieties and I only use the plants I know well. Kokedama is also a very unique way to to display your plants as an alternative to a potted plant, creating a visual impact in your home and office.

Thanks so much to Jacqui for the passion behind the product. Come and meet Jacqui at the Brocante and her fabulous display of Kokedamas.

Sandy from Paint Me White

We will be introducing our gorgeous exhibitors to you over the next few weeks leading up to the Brocante, just giving you a little insight into their passions for what they do. We have some interesting little snippets from our collectors and makers for you to enjoy.

Sandy from Paint Me White has been one of our exhibitors and supporters right from the beginning. Her styling and pieces in her space at the Brocante will take your breathe away. The way she puts things together is just nothing short of amazing.



Sandy tells me that she has been a collector of old pieces for as long as she can remember. It all started when she was about 18 and would visit old farm houses in rural Victoria and after buying her first cedar chest of drawers, she was totally hooked.





Sandy is passionate about restoring and re-loving old time worn pieces. With a fascination and huge appreciation of old and worn chippy furniture she loves to decorate her home with individual pieces that can tell a story.




Over twenty years ago her passion and dedication for painting furniture began and she is now the Queensland stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Sandy has two shops, one on the Gold Coast and one in Camp Hill. You can find her on Instagram and at












As we set up…

Well…..this happened a couple of weeks ago….


…displays being set up…


…a feast of gorgeousness for the eyes…




…our second Brocante gets underway…so many treasures…so many lovely people. What a fabulous event and so many gorgeous people came to visit us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Now for the next one….


Pam x