Kokedama by Jac


Introducing Jacqui who brings with her an amazing passion for her craft, which is very evident when you meet her. She has been an amazing supporter of the Brocante and has been exhibiting with us from day one.

Here is a a little insight into Jacqui and why she loves to get her hands dirty….



By day I work in administration and in my spare time its all about Kokedama. I stumbled across Kokedama through social media a couple of years ago and it was love at first sight.

At that time I started making Kokedamas for myself plus friends, family and work colleagues. I then lunched my own social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) and my backyard hobby made its official debut. Interest grew quickly and before I knew it I was making custom orders, selling at markets and running workshops.


Kokedama was, and still is my ‘therapy’ where I can escape the daily grind of sitting at a desk, by getting outdoors, getting my hands dirty and playing and creating something beautiful. I love talking about what I do and teaching the art of  making them. I love connecting with others through  a mutual  interest in plants, craft and beautiful things.


I am a Gold Coast local and lovingly hand craft each individual creation. In Japanese Kokedama translates  to ‘mossball’ by placing a plant into a soil ball, covering it in moss and securing it with twine. All plants are real, are living and thrive with this technique.


I have tried and tested various plant varieties and I only use the plants I know well. Kokedama is also a very unique way to to display your plants as an alternative to a potted plant, creating a visual impact in your home and office.

Thanks so much to Jacqui for the passion behind the product. Come and meet Jacqui at the Brocante and her fabulous display of Kokedamas.